Unbroken (Urban Underground)

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ISBN 13: 9781616519759

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INT Terrence Parker. Parris Mitchell. CGTX Gemini. EB Ron Trent. EB R. T Factor aka Ron Trent.

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HOV ManooZ. HOV03 Four Walls. HOV02 Quadratschulz. HOV01 Orlando Voorn. H Darkes Obispo. H Einzelkind. Iconic Detroit machinery reengineered, repurposed, and culturally reborn. Donks, also known as hi-riders, are modified American made cars typically from General Motors built during the seventies and eighties.

Donks have gained popularity among middle-class blacks as symbols of economic prosperity. Originating in the south, they are now very much a part of the Detroit culture. Donk gatherings are common on Belle Isle Park. Algernon has lived in this house for the past 42 years. After raising four children he now lives alone as a widower and only occupies the first floor of the house.

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Upkeep has been minimal at best, but the house still maintains elements of its original grandeur. DeShawn, like many Detroiter's, in spite of the cities negative image will admit they're proud of their city when you ask them. Brad will dig in this abandoned scrap metal site taking from it about pounds of recyclable metal a day. Ejaz manages a small parking lot at the corner of Griswold and Clifford. He has long fantasized of becoming a fashion model, and yes, his favorite color is orange-red. Kat Kathina took over an abandoned city corner lot next to her house and transformed it into a neighborhood park complete with lighting, benches, flower and vegetable gardens, and sculpture.

Her initiative was the first visible improvement on the street in over 30 years. The pile of concrete she is sitting on will be used for the creation of a fishpond.

She also takes in homeless people who need shelter, providing them with basic necessities like clothing, blankets, and food. Mark is unemployed and collects SSI disability from the state because of his crippled knees. He collects bottles and cans for return deposit to make extra spending cash and on this particular morning he found two cans of unopened cranberry sauce which was an extra bonus to his day.

After years of being heavily polluted due to industrial waste, Detroit has made steady progress in cleaning up the Detroit River to the point that it is safe again for fishing and swimming. Beavers, which have been absent for more than 50 years have recently been spotted along the shoreline. More than any other building in Detroit, the abandoned Michigan Central Railroad Depot has come to symbolize the economic decline of the city.

Ironically, it is also one of the more popular destinations for foreign and stateside tourists to come and visit, contributing needed revenue for the city generated from tourism. This area of downtown will be going through a major revitalization that will take place in the next few years.

Unbroken (Urban Underground)

Glemie, a retired truck driver is an accomplished blues singer, but he's also known for his small game hunting skills. Every fall he hunts an average of raccoons, which he skins, dresses, and sells as food to clients. This extra income supplements his meager retirement benefits. Born in southern Arkansas and the son of a sharecropper, Glemie was often required to pick pounds of cotton a day and raccoon was often the staple family meal. Daniel works as a part-time parking lot attendant flagging down cars. Homeless and living in an abandoned building with other men, he is devoutly religious and prefers wearing women's clothing to men's.

Free of drugs and alcohol, he says that he acts crazy so that people who might potentially harm him will leave him alone. Ben is a solo competitor who competes in various club activities.

Unbroken (Urban Underground) Unbroken (Urban Underground)
Unbroken (Urban Underground) Unbroken (Urban Underground)
Unbroken (Urban Underground) Unbroken (Urban Underground)
Unbroken (Urban Underground) Unbroken (Urban Underground)
Unbroken (Urban Underground) Unbroken (Urban Underground)
Unbroken (Urban Underground) Unbroken (Urban Underground)
Unbroken (Urban Underground) Unbroken (Urban Underground)

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