The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)

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More filters. Sort order. Aug 14, Kendra Ashcraft rated it liked it. The plot line grows more intricate and the characters gain more depth in this book compared to the first in the series. However, all the typos and editing errors started to wear on my nerves. As of now, I don't know if I liked the book enough to go ahead and read the third in the trilogy. Dec 13, Shaheen rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Following almost immediately from the end of The Undivided , The Dark Divide builds upon the rich and complex landscape Fallon created in the first book and introduces us to an alternate reality where the Japanese rule over much of the world including Ireland.

The brothers Ren and Darragh are divided; Darragh is trapped in our magic-poor world while Ren has been thrust into an alternate reality where he can be sentenced to death for merely existing. The Dark Divide is immeasurably clever - the story is told across so many realities and characters that it could have easily become a confused mess, but the plot elements are skillfully woven together. Readers won't be able to see the twists and turns until Fallon is well and ready for them to do so. Ren's story-line is especially interesting because he is trapped in a world where the Japanese rule, and he has to contend with their weird to him concepts of honour and dignity.

I really like how Fallon has created this empire and envisioned it so vividly without judgment.

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Darragh, on the other hand, is stuck in our reality and lacks access to the magic that would take him back into his world. He trusts that Ren will come back for him, which is impressive because he, Darragh, is soon hauled off to a police station and made to suffer through our confused and convoluted judicial system.

Seeing our world from Darragh and Sorcha's eyes really made me think about some of the things we take for granted here, and their struggles to understand our ways of life were sometimes hilarious. The inclusion of a real-world event, which impacted many lives internationally, made me a little uncomfortable at first, because I felt that the book was about to stray into preachy, political agenda territory. As horrific as that event is, however, it impacts our character's lives in unexpected, indirect ways.

I think it's a really clever way to show that although Ren and his contemporaries might look down on other realities for how barbaric and callous they might be, but we have our fair share of unspeakably evil people as well. The secondary cast in this series have always impressed me, and it is no different in this book. Their relationship is awesome, and I like the glimpses we got of their extended family.

Surprisingly, I also ended up looking forward to Brydie's appearances in the story because with her trapped in a jewel, she was privy to all sorts of secret politics that we would never have seen otherwise. The world Ren finds himself in, where the Japanese control Ireland, has been exquisitely crafted and I loved spending time in it.

The Dark Divide

Stories that are influenced by Asian culture are prone to over-use stereotypes as fact, but readers will easily be able to see how much in-depth research the author has done into the culture bases this reality on. I learnt a lot of interesting things, and never felt that the author was trying to show how these people are better or worse than the people in our reality - they are just as brilliant, kind, selfish, ambitious, courageous and blood thirsty as people from our world.

The Dark Divide is, dare I say it, a more fulfilling read than The Undivided , which is incredibly rare in a sequel. This series is not to be missed by fans of Jennifer Fallon's work. It would especially appeal to readers familiar with urban fantasy who are looking for a different kind of novel, but is perfect for any reader to pick up. I am looking forward to reading Reunion , the next book in the Rift Runners series, soon. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review. You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic. Apr 07, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-love , general-adult-paranormal , my-reviews.

First, it came out in stores early but I had to wait for my pre-order to come in the mail. Secondly, when I got it, it was the last week of the uni term so I was far too busy to begin reading it. Finally, I wouldn't have put this book down if real life hadn't forced me to. Yes, I loved this book that much and yes, I may have a writers crush on Jennifer Fallon. I have read all of her books and loved every single one of them. I love her mix of fantasy and politics. I honestly believe she is one of the better fantasy writers published at the moment.

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She is an amazing world builder, does character development among the best of them, and best of all she keeps you guessing and manages to chuck things at you that you never saw coming. Ok, enough with my writer crush ramblings. This book flows really nicely even though it jumps between characters and realities constantly.

It was really easy to follow and helped build up the tension as the story moved forward as you just had to know what happened next. Although, what happened next you probably didn't see coming and with Jennifer Fallon you can never know what she'll do next you just have to read The Chaos Crystal to know that. And that is what I love about her books, she gives you enough to make some educated guesses I totally picked Pete and then will throw you a curveball that you never saw coming.

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It makes for wonderful and compelling reading. She also does world building among the best of them. The world or would that be worlds in the The Dark Divide is intriguing, dangerous and alluring, it sucks you in and you'll never want to leave. I love all the characters in this book even the ones I hate, they all have their part t play and they all have their secrets. He develops a lot in this book, becoming a self-assured leader rather than the rebellious brat he was in The Undivided. You can't help but to fall in love with him as he finds his way in a new reality that is so unlike the one he grew up with, while trying to work out who he is as one of the Undivided and the power he wields.

His twin Darragh is also great to read about. I just love his frankness and his belief that he will be rescued by his people. I particularly liked how frustrated he was making everyone when they were trying to find out where Hayley was. She really finds her place in this book and realises that even though she's half-fairie she still has a lot to offer. I just wish I could make up my mind about who I want her to end up with.

I can't wait for Reunion to come out next year and to find out how everything will come together. I'm sure it will be a long but worthwhile wait. Apr 22, Tsana Dolichva rated it it was amazing. The first book was The Undivided. The Dark Divide picks up more or less right where The Undivided left off. The story mainly follows Ren and Darragh, the Undivided twins, Trasa the half-banshee and Pete the cop who is on the case of the shenanigans the other characters committed in the first book.

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The second book more than makes up for it. There were a lot of ah-ha! One of the things I particularly liked was the juxtaposition between fantasy-world values and our world values.

As in, often times killing someone for the cause in a fantasy book in general is seen as necessary. However, move the act and the fantasy book character into our world and a host of problems arise. Another aspect which I thought was well done was the inclusion of a certain real-world recent-historical event.

It was something that could easily have felt tacky but worked because the ordinary consequences were given as much if not slightly more weight as the plot-related consequences. This is a very good series and I encourage all lovers of fantasy to give it a go. How can anyone resist reading about ninja freaking leprechauns with shuriken? Apr 13, Newtown Review of Books rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , sff. In a lively and informative prologue, which recaps much, but certainly not all, of Book One, The Undivided, we discover that Ronan and Darragh, the Undivided twins who are Druid princes and who can channel magic in special ways, were separated when young by Marcoy Tarth, the Faerie prince, for reasons of power, security and control.

Jun 15, Danielle rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book I liked that there were twists and turns in the storyline, and that most of the characters seem to have their own motives, which I think will make for an interesting book 3. The only negatives I have to say is that the beginning dragged a bit. I felt like Fallon was trying to flesh it out before getting to all the good stuff at the end.

In practically every chapter I was reminded that Darr I really enjoyed this book In practically every chapter I was reminded that Darragh needed to get home to his reality, that Sorcha needed to get home and protect the twins, that Ronan needed to get home to his reality and find Darragh, and Trasa needed to get home blah blah blah Apr 13, Anne Barwell rated it it was amazing Shelves: library , wish-list. Book 2 of this series was as impossible to put down as the first one.

The Dark Divide by Jennifer Fallon

Hoping book 3 comes out ASAP as the author has left this on several cliffhangers too. In a book set in different realities, each one is thought out and realised complete with history. I like the changes between each reality, and some of the twists in the tale I suspected, others not so much.

The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2) The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)
The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2) The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)
The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2) The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)
The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2) The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)
The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2) The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)
The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2) The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)
The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2) The Dark Divide (Rift Runners Trilogy Book 2)

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