Savia negra (Spanish Edition)

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Speculation was feared, thus discouraged or directly banned, because it could incite a rather unwelcome questioning of the system. But still, it made it through the cracks. It has been there, in Spanish writing, since a 16 th century one-armed author invented a story of a man who wanted to be a knight and saw giants instead of windmills.

The condition of Spanish speculative fiction in recent years has greatly shifted course. The aperture of borders, joining the European Union, and the rising economy of the eighties and nighties served to nurture a new generation of authors, exposed to the English and Latin American traditions, fully aware of many other ones the French, the Soviet, etc.

Some were born in the new freedom; many were already youngsters, hungry for original stories and innovative ways to tell them. For Spanish readers, thanks undoubtedly to the help of TV shows like Game of Thrones or films like The Lord of the Rings , fantasy and science fiction is starting to stand out in the crowd. When the audiovisual mega-monsters became popular in the Iberian Peninsula, publishers translating G.

Martin and reprinting Tolkien experienced an important increase in sales.

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Gigamesh , a modest company associated to a book and games shop, understood early on the possibilities of the Song of Ice and Fire story and acquired the rights to translate the saga. Thanks in part to its success, last year it inaugurated the largest science fiction, fantasy and horror bookstore in Europe. Many indie companies also rose within the last decade; they are the one taking most of the risks, and while the big players have opened their own fantasy and science fiction specialized publishers to compete in this market, there is no doubt that the small ones have more capacity for maneuvering.

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This is the case of Aristas Martinez , which is interested in Spanish pulp, weird, graphic and slipstream novels. Nevsky not only translates international authors and publishes YA novels, horror and steampunk anthologies, but also offers some of those collections in English. While fantasy and YA literature are the main focus of Kelonia and Editorial Hidra or Oz , zombies have their home in Dolmen , and horror, graphic novels and science fiction dominate in Tyrannosaurus Books.

One article may not suffice to mention all of the active Spanish authors who cultivate speculative fiction, but can at least draw the attention to a group energizing the collective. Palma is one of the best known internationally.

Wells and bringing audiences to historical speculation. Eduardo Vaquerizo is a well-know science fiction and fantasy writer who has boosted the genre thanks to his particular version of alternative history. His latest incursion in science fiction, Nos mienten Fantascy , explores a dystopic future set in Madrid, promising to tackle some social matters. His elegant and sharp narrative style triumphs, in combination with some fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, horror, new weird, and everything in between.

Valor Montero, a YA novel set in an alternative Spain, in which steam engines make Roman economy flourish in a way that changes History as we know it. Hard science fiction is also on the rise. Some authors avoid labels: their narratives are filled with elements from the new weird; they flirt with horror, develop near-futuristic settings, almost always urban. They walk a path that it cannot be called science fiction but it contains traces of it, it is not fantasy but one can identify the fantastic notes, it is not horror but the fear is there, waiting for us.

Marc Pastor combines different genres—noir, historical, adventures and fantasy—in Bioko to create an oppressive story of colonialism and murder.

Savia negra (Spanish Edition) Savia negra (Spanish Edition)
Savia negra (Spanish Edition) Savia negra (Spanish Edition)
Savia negra (Spanish Edition) Savia negra (Spanish Edition)
Savia negra (Spanish Edition) Savia negra (Spanish Edition)
Savia negra (Spanish Edition) Savia negra (Spanish Edition)

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