Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)

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Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp

Cymocheles forgets his purpose because of Phaedria's diverting talk and allows himself to be lulled asleep by her one they get to the idle island.

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Phaedria returns and picks up Guyon in her boat - the Palmer is not allowed to come. She takes Guyon to the island against his will. Cymocheles awakes and attacks Guyon. Phaedria gets them to stop because she loves ease, not conflict, and takes Guyon back.

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Atin sees Guyon as he leaves the boat and insults him but Guyon leaves. Then Pyrocheles runs up, tormented by inner flames, and runs into the river. Atin tries to pull him out. Archimago comes along and helps to save and recover him. Book II canto vii.

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Guyon, having been parted from the Palmer, happens upon Mammon as he counts his wealth. Mammon tries to flee, but Guyon stops him to question him. Mammon tries to tempt him several times in the course of their meeting with wealth, honour, and his daughter. They descend into Mammon's cave where Guyon views sufferers such as Tantalus and Pilate.

Guyon asks to leave as he is fatigued because the descent has lasted three days. Mammon takes him out but as soon as he is out Guyon collapses from exhaustion.

Shahryar and Scheherazade

Book II canto viii. The Palmer finds the unconscious Guyon who has been guarded by an angel. The angle leaves and the Pyrocheles, Cymocheles, Archimago, and Atin come along. They try to disarm Guyon whom they think is dead. Arthur comes along and first tries to reason with them. Arthur wounds them both then his spear breaks and his is wounded.

The Palmer gives him Guyon's sword and his kills Cymocheles. He then gets the upper hand on Pyrocheles and offers to forgive him. Pyrocheles refuses and Arthur kills him. Guyon awakes and thanks Arthur. Book II canto ix. Arthur asks Guyon about the image of Gloriana on his shield. Guyon tells him about her and Arthur says he has been seeking her for a long time. They approach the Castle of Alma and are attacked while outside of it by "idle shades".

The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs

They drive these shades away and are admitted. Alma, the castle's owner, first gives them a tour of the physiological functions of her castle and then of the rational soul where they see Fantasy, reason, and Memory. In Memory each knight discovers the history of his ancestors. Book II canto x.

The 10 Greatest Stories From 1, Nights

Spenser invokes the muses as he prepares to present the chronicle of English kings which Arthur is reading. The English chronicle begins with the time when giants dwelled in England. Then Brutus destroyed the giants and his line ruled England till it dwindled out and Donwallo took over. The chronicle continues with the long war against the Romans described, and continues to Uther Pendragaon where the chronicle breaks off because Arthur himself is the next king.

The Faerie chronicle which Guyon reads is next presented and begins with Elfe and ends with Gloriana. Alma interrupts the two knights for supper. Book II Canto xi. The sins and vices attack the castle and Arthur goes forth to fight them. They are led by Maleger who is aided by two hags named Impotence and Impatience. Arthur tries to catch Maleger but he is too fast as he rides a tiger, so Arthur catches Impotence and tries to bind her. As he does this Impatience comes and overthrows him so that Maleger can come and nearly kill him. Only the intervention of Arthur's squire saves Arthur and allows him to catch hold of Maleger.

Arthur kills Maleger with his mace but he revives. Arthur the stabs and crushes Maleger but he again revives.

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Finally, he crushes him again and having remembered that Maleger gained his might from his mother Earth, casts him into a standing lake where he stays dead. The two hags kill themselves and Arthur returns to the castle where Alma doctors him.

Book II canto xii. Guyon and the Palmer have been travelling with the boatman for two days. They pass the wandering islands. Phaedria tries to induce them to stop for a while but they scorn her. They pass between the Whirlpool of Decay and the Quicksand of Unthriftyhed. Sea monsters approach, but the Palmer forces them back with his staff. They pass the doleful maid and Guyon wants to stop to help her till the Palmer advises him not to mis-spend his pity.

They enter the mermaids bay where fog surrounds them and birds attack them. They arrive at land and land monsters charge them until the Palmer makes them vanish with his staff. They pass Idleness and Excess and Guyon rejects them both. The Bower, where art and nature strive with art winning is described.

They see two naked damsels and Guyon is tempted until the Palmer castigates him. They find Acrasia and one of her lovers and net them. Guyon destroys the Bower and releases the lover. The Palmer changes back into human form some of the men who were transformed into animals; one of them, Grille, wants to remain a hog. Book III proem. The speaker announces his intention to write of Chastity, a virtue embodied in Elizabeth.

He asks that some of Raleigh's skill - he wrote Ocean to Cynthea for Elizabeth - be lent him. He says one can see Elizabeth represented in Gloriana and Belphoebe. Book III canto i. Guyon and Arthur rest for a while at the House of Alma then leave to seek deeds of arms. They encounter a knight Britomart and a squire Glauce. Guyon and Britomart joust, Guyon is unhorsed and made wrathful until calmed by the Palmer and Arthur.

They all travel together in good humour till they see a fleeing woman Florimell being chased by a foster. Guyon and Arthur ride after Florimell, Arthur's squire Timias rides after the foster, and Britomart continues on. She happens upon the Castle Joyous where six knights are attacking a single knight because he will not admit their lady is worthiest.

Britomart aids the lone knight, who happens to be the Redcrosse Knight, and the defeat the six knights. They are invited into the castle where the Lady Malecasta banquets them and tries to woo Britomart whom everyone thinks is male. Britomart is too naive to suspect Malecasta's lewd suggestions. When they depart for bed Malecasta slips in which Britomart. Britomart leaps out, threatens her with sword, and the other knights rush in. Britomart is seen to be a woman and one of the knights wounds her side with an arrow. Britomart and the Redcrosse knight defeat them and leave the next morning.

Book III canto ii. The speaker asserts that throughout history men have ignored the feats of women in martial affairs, and that there are many examples of great female warriors and counsellors. The Redcrosse Knight asks Britomart why she is in these parts and she tells him that she is seeking "revenge" against a knight named Arthegall who has done her "foule dishonour" that is, he has smitten her heart. The Redcrosse Knight, to Britomart's secret delight, verbally defends Arthegall.

The speaker relates how Britomart first fell in love with Arthegall: she saw him in a magic mirror made by Merlin. At first she did not realize she had fallen love, but she soon grew restless. Her nurse Glauce asked her the trouble and Britomart explained that she was in love with an image she had seen in a magic mirror. Glauce tried to dispel Britomart's love with some rather silly spells but they failed to work; Britomart only became more restless and weak and wasted.

Book III canto iii. The speaker praises love because it motivates one to perform noble deeds; he announces that he is going to relate the ancestry from Britomart to Elizabeth: Britomart and Glauce journeyed to the cave at which Merlin resides at present, the speaker tells us, a horrible noise comes from the cave because just before he died Merlin commanded his slave elves to build a wall until he permitted them to cease - Merlin died before he told them to stop and they yet continue to build the wall. Merlin knew the purpose of Britomart and Glauce's journey but he still asked them to state it which they tried without success to conceal and offered instead a false purpose.

Merlin castigated them for trying to deceive him, then told them that providence caused Britomart to view Arthegall's image. He then related how Britomart and Arthegall will continue the line of descent which ends in Elizabeth. He relates this genealogy.

They left Merlin, returned home, and after deciding to find Arthegall by disguising themselves as a knight and squire, take the appropriate armour and arms.

Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3) Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)
Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3) Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)
Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3) Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)
Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3) Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)
Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3) Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)
Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3) Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)
Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3) Return of the Golden Age (The Fishermans Son Book 3)

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