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Once the Hangman began killing, nobody tried to step up and stop the Hangman except for one person who was killed. In this case, the good men did not attempt to stop the evil. As a consequence for this lack of action, each person was killed because he serves the Hangman best.

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The way in which the good served the Hangman was by letting the evil triumph over the town. If a group had attempted to stop the Hangman, he could have possibly been stopped. Because only one person attempted to stop the evil, those who kept quiet were killed for helping the Hangman without realizing it. You should remind yourself that each student and each class is different and that what seems appropriate for one may not be appropriate for all.

The Hangman Teacher Guide (1)

Students are essentially a "captive audience. Try to select images and texts that do not exploit the students' emotional vulnerability or that might be construed as disrespectful of the victims themselves. Provide time for students to share their journals either in large or small groups. Describe your feelings after viewing and reading this poem. How did it affect you? How would you connect the message or theme of this poem to your own life?

The Hangman (1964) [Animation]

List the facts and issues presented, summarizing events, the people involved, and possible alternative actions the main character could have taken. Find other students who have selected the same alternative as you and focus on the most important reasons for taking this position.


With your entire class, discuss the various alternatives selected and the reasons for it. Reevaluate your position. Compare your views now with your views before. Are there any changes? Did the video version change their perceptions in any way? If so, how? Example of a slogan: "Stand up for what s right, even if you re standing alone. Reread the poem and look for the various images and symbolism used to deliver its message. Write a paper that explores the use of these images and symbolism.

Compare the video and print versions. Write a commentary that explores this question. Researching the History: Fill your room with appropriate maps, news articles, encyclopedias, and reference books to help students in their research.

Write an editorial that gives your impression of such bystanders and use support from the research you did. How did ordinary men and women living in Germany in the early s react to the Nazi policies and philosophy? How did the Church react?

Hangman's Hollow, poem by ChristopherErick

Research other times in the history of this country in which Americans were bystanders to a social or political issue. Select one such event. Eden Winters.

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The Hangman (poem)

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Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman
Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman
Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman
Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman
Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman
Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman
Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman
Poem For The Hangman Poem For The Hangman

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