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My favorite scenes were with Astraeus, for obvious reasons. Astraeus is an award-winning novel. Astraeus is a very well and intelligently written sci-fi story that made me feel like I was watching a sci-fi movie from beginning to end.

Astraeus by Haley Cavanagh

The heroine, Sakota, is an intelligent, strong woman from Earth who has to deal with the politics of her spacecraft while trying to learn more about an alien she dubs him 'Astraeus' found outside their ship. Sakota and Astraeus have a sweet "fated mates" romance but it is really in the background of what is more a sci-fi adventure. I like some sci-fi books, but not at all all of them. But this book made me really interested.

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The author made a good background information, and an idea that made me hooked on the book. A new author for me, but I would love to see what Else she dishes out. This story is extremely exciting!

A Hail(y) Mary winner

From the start it captured my interest and I have been glued to the page throughout. Whilst out in space on a mission Sakota is busy doing her job. The discovery of an alien floating in space next to their spaceship changes her life completely. The characters are well developed with their own personalities and they interact very well.

I love Sakotas relationship with Astraeus.

This story is even better than I expected and I was in no way disappointed. I am hoping there will be a book two! Sakota Thorell is the lead Doctor on a space exploration from Earth. Earth is in ruin. Humans have destroyed their home, destroyed each other, and now their best hope for survival is to find a new planet. She always expected to find alien life but not to find it him floating outside the window of her lab. Astraeus looks human but his differences are vast.

His body, mind, and soul are superior. He is evolved in a way humans could only aspire to.

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  • But he is alone, the last of his kind. Lethal aliens attacked and destroyed his homeworld and he was the lone survivor. Sakota and Astraeus have an instant bond but he has unknowingly brought the danger with him. His rescue may not be the salvation they were hoping for, but their end. This book was not what I was expecting at all. It's a thoughtful sci-fi romance. Its release is timely, to say the least coming the same week that Earth's scientists issue a statement that unless we can reverse current temperature changes our planet will be irreversibly damaged putting all life in peril.

    Unfortunately, I don't see actual humans responding any better than the historical fictional humans of this book. It's a true cautionary tale! I won't even touch the political history mentioned in the book, except to hope that it's not an omen. Haley allows Dan to stay in her and Nathan's home after his diner is burned down. Nathan is kidnapped, leaving Haley distraught and panicked. Lucas returns to help Haley and, as her request, he takes Jamie and Lydia back home with him and Peyton. Dan, with the help of Julian Baker and Chris Keller, saves Nathan but sacrifices himself, taking a bullet for him.

    Rorschach (character)

    In the end, Nathan and Haley are passionately reunited and spend the rest of the series happily married with their two healthy children. They were then sent around Tree Hill with a mission which once they completed it lead to another these included going to a underwear shop and buying something for each other. One of the stops was at a restaurant to order each other their favorite meals, where Haley claimed that mac and cheese 'was the food of the gods'. But once Nathan's friends arrived and he claimed Haley was just his tutor they weren't on a date Haley got upset and left.

    Kissing in the rain was an important part of their relationship and something they considered as 'theirs' as it was often when they were the happiest during their relationship. Some of the couples most important moments were surrounded by rain kisses - their engagement and first reconciliation.

    Nathan and Haley's first and most iconic rain kiss was a reconciliation. Haley was ignoring Nathan after she discovers porn on his laptop. This upsets Haley because she is not ready for sex and thinks that Nathan will compare her to them when they finally do have sex. Nathan waits for Haley outside her house in the rain, just to say he's sorry and that he loves her.

    Haley forgives Nathan and they kiss. Later, they go back to Nathan's apartment where Nathan proposes to Haley. Their second rain kiss came after a storm hit Tree Hill while Nathan and Haley were at Nathan's house. They had only recently reconciled and took the time to discuss the faults of their relationship and how to fix it. This resulted in Haley telling Nathan that she wasn't proud of going on tour, because she didnt think he was. To prove her wrong and show that he was always proud of her despite the state of their relationship he went into the rain to retrieve a box containing magazine cuttings of Haley's achievements on tour.

    The wind blew them away but Haley told Nathan he didn't need them as he had her and they kissed on his car before making love. The third rain kiss happened after they decided to be a married couple again following the school shooting and death of Keith.

    Nathan wanted to make it rain in remembrance for their happiest moments together so took her to Tree Hill High School 's football field where the sprinklers came on. This caused Haley to admit that she didn't know she could be so happy and they kissed on a picnic blanket in the middle of the field. There fourth rain kiss was a part of Nathan's fantasy while in the shower during Nathan and Haley's second separation during their early twenties due to his back injury sending him into a deep depression and Carrie interfering in the marriage and family. On the day of Lucas and Lindsey 's wedding Nathan returned home and kisses Haley.

    The 'dream' kiss was a reenactment of their first kiss in season 1 , with the couple saying the same words. Their fifth and second most iconic rain kiss happened following Nathan returning after his kidnapping. Nathan planned an evening for the couple together without their children to embrace their romance and past. They had a romantic candle light dinner where he served mac and cheese - Haley's favorite dish which she referred to as 'food of the gods' on their first ever date.

    He also gave her a cracker jack box like he did on their first tutor session which also contained a bracelet although a much more expensive one and he referred to his famous quote: "Don't say I never gave you anything. This was also Nathan and Haley's final kiss of the series. Jamie was conceived before the couple renewed their vows. He wasn't planned and because of this and the car crash following their second wedding Haley kept the pregnancy a secret from Nathan for the first few weeks. Once she told him he struggled, having just gotten into Duke University and upset that she hadn't told him sooner.

    However, after thinking it over, the thought of having a baby with the love of his life thrilled Nathan and he announces in his press conference that he is undecided about where he is going to college because his decision is now based on his family. Haley had a healthy pregnancy, except when she was about 4 months pregnant she was hit by a car but Jamie turned out to be fine. Haley went into labor during her valedictorian speech and delivered Jamie with Nathan at her side. He was named after Haley's father and her maiden name and Nathan's brother and Haley's best friend Lucas as his middle.

    Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2) Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2)
    Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2) Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2)
    Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2) Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2)
    Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2) Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2)
    Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2) Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2)
    Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2) Haley Has Fun (Haleys Sexual Fantasies Book 2)

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