Crusade: Brethren Trilogy Book 2

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It is and in the fortified city of Acre , the last major stronghold of the Crusaders in Palestine, an epic conflict is beginning.

Will Campbell is a Templar Knight, trained for war, but as a member of the mysterious group known as the Brethren, he is also a man of peace. After years of bloodshed the Brethren have helped create a truce between the Christians and Muslims. But there are those on both side for whom peace is not an option. As war looms, Will is torn between his oath as a Templar, his secret role in the Brethren and his duty to Elwen, the woman he loves but is forbidden to marry.

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This is the 3rd book in the Brethren trilogy about the Knights Templar. I didn't like this book as much as the first 2 books. As he struggles to survive in the harsh discipline of the Temple, Will must try to make sense of many things: his own past, the dangerous mystery that surrounds Everard, and his confused feelings for Elwen, the strong-willed young woman whose path seems always to cross his own.

Meanwhile, a new star is rising in the East. A ruthless fighter and brilliant tactician, the former slave Baybars has become one of the greatest generals and rulers of his time. Haunted by his early life, he is driven by an unquenchable desire to free his people from the European invaders of his homeland. With page-turning suspense and thrilling action, the Brethren trilogy brilliantly evokes that extraordinary clash of civilizations known in the West as the Crusades.

Robyn Young portrays a rich cast of characters, reflecting on each side greed, ambition and religious fanaticism, as well as courage, love and faith. Meer lezen Minder lezen. Klanten die dit item hebben gekocht, kochten ook. Pagina 1 van 1 Opnieuw beginnen Pagina 1 van 1.

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  • Vertaal recensies in het Nederlands. Geverifieerde aankoop. I realize the Crusades were a messy time.

    Crusade, Brethren Trilogy : Book 2 by Robyn Young | | Booktopia

    The effects of Muslims and Christians battling over the validity of their respective belief systems have been going on since the s. The main character here, Will Campbell, is a believable and appealing young man with appropriately teenage ideals and flaws. Young did a good job developing his character.

    His largely absent father, James, contributes to the plot in a distant way, and other Templar characters help spin the yarn of mystery and castle intrigue. A budding romance is a nice touch as well. That said, there was a great deal of gore in the book and I am just not a fan.

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    I sped-read through most of the battle scenes because of the angst of betrayal and barbarism. I did, however, appreciate Young's ability to render the Muslims as subject to many of the same human weaknesses as the often-idealized Christians. Vertaal recensie in het Nederlands. Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I have too many books to read which means that it takes me a while to get to them all. I bought Brethren months ago but only recently did it rise to the top of my to be read pile. Once I started reading it I was chagrined that I hadn't read it sooner.

    Crusade : Brethren Trilogy Book 2

    This is one terrific tale of the 13th century and the turmoil between East and West, between Christian and Muslim and between the various knight orders especially of the Templars and Hospitallers. It seems that everyone wants to bring the Templars down and they all go to great lengths to pursue that agenda. The author has put together what I think is a microcosm of what secular and religious powers are at their worst and has wrapped that up in a drama filled, emotionally tense story. The characters are all too human, some are even, well let's say subhuman and the plot and twists are sublime.

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    Now that I have the first book under my belt I will for sure be tackling the rest of the series with great anticipation. About the author: Robyn Young was born in Oxford and grew up in the Midlands and a fishing village in Devon, during which time she won awards for poetry and edited a regular page in a regional newspaper.

    Crusade: Brethren Trilogy Book 2
    Crusade: Brethren Trilogy Book 2
    Crusade: Brethren Trilogy Book 2
    Crusade: Brethren Trilogy Book 2
    Crusade: Brethren Trilogy Book 2
    Crusade: Brethren Trilogy Book 2

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