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Tap Use Previous Duration. Tap Breathe, then tap Breath Rate. Tap to change the number of breaths per minute. Adjust or turn off reminders Your Apple Watch reminds you throughout the day to breathe.

Tap Breathe. Learn about notification options. To choose how often your get reminders, tap Breathe Reminders. Tap Mindfulness. To see more, tap the summary.

Yes No. Easily monitor absences and sickness with the manager dashboard, central calendar and reports functionality.

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The BreatheHR programme is extremely user friendly, which is so important in a busy working environment. Very responsive when there's an issue or question. The team find the system easy too! Good value for money. Take a free trial of Breathe to see for yourself how easy it is to win back time in your day and help your people be the best they can be.

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Breathe Project Breathe Project shared a post. Breathe Project. Thank you Mayor Peduto for standing for a livable future for all and putting people over petro! See More See Less.

Residents in Ohio continue to wait news of the coming of the PTT Belmont cracker plant - and worry about the air they will breathe. Ohio Valley: Will we become a "Cancer Alley" plastics sacrifice zone? We deserve better.

Pittsburgh residents petition officials—again—to take action on rotten-smelling air. Thank you to PBT's Julia Mericle for sharing the many business projects underway in our region that will provide hundreds of sustainable jobs, from tech-flex space to film studios to a high-tech vertical farm. Download the SmellPGH app on your phone to report your air and track how pollutants travel.

Large plumes of steam and smoke are seen here from the Clairton plant. Notice the lighter smoke and how much longer it is visible over the quickly disappearing steam.

A macho Traveller becomes increasingly concerned that his young son is soft.

In this clip notice the different types of emission in each stack. On the right and left main stack these emissions are full of steam and have heavy white smoke. The middle stack has no steam and you can see a light transparent smoke.

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